Hello world!

1688795_287202994763673_1831302423_nIt is a Sunday afternoon .This is me . And this is one place I come to spend time with myself. It never ceases to provide me with comfort — because I have come a long way to realize and accept that no other human being can know me better than I do myself. What you
will see here are my footprints ; who I am and what I strive to be; the breathtaking moments; the whispers at night ; my journey through this beautiful mess we call life . Every post I make is for a very specific reason or reasons, to which I may or
may not be completely clear . I hope that you relax your mind and open your heart as you allow yourself to become a witness to what my soul is painting through these words and
symbols . I see the world through these symbols. I hope you find some meaning in them , not for me but for yourself . My biggest wish is to understand the hearts of people . But I’ m just one guy in this immense
world who tries to take it one day at a time . I realize that life can be crazy . There is not enough time to do everything I want to do. I have made many mistakes ; I have taken many wrong turns . I am human . I
am flawed . I have fears and
insecurities . Sometimes , I get more frustrated than I should . But above all , I love life . I love feeling so at
home wherever my family is , and having amazing friends I can trust and act silly around . I love the way
the earth smells after rain, the way a single drop of seawater reveals the wonders of an entirely different world. I love living this moment not knowing what to expect in the next.
I love to feel. The act of feeling awakens the life in me . And happiness would not nearly be as meaningful and valuable without
pain . I hope to be the sunshine to those around me , and a shelter
when storm clouds gather . I hope to give as much as I am capable of giving because it is more worthwhile to wear my heart on my sleeve than
to forget that I have one at all


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