Another Standing Ovation our Soldiers.


Even though I’d rather drink party punch and talk about football, each unique questioner deserves a thoughtful answer. At some sincere level, … (I) … ask for a thoughtful opinion regarding the likelihood of life during a season proclaiming joy to the world weighed against the possibility of death at the hands of “4” murders driven by a malignant religious zealotry.
   Because I am not in your shoes, I know I will never
fully appreciate the sacrifices you
make for us, our family,our friends and our country every day. However, I am especially reflective of my gratitude
this easter holiday season. I realize your sacrifice is made even greater during this time
away from your loved ones. It is because of your sacrifices that
We are able to enjoy our freedom. So with a great
degree of sincerity and humility, I say simply, “thank you” for all you’ve deserve a standing ovation

And to our beloved beautifull innocent souls who meet their
end at the nozzle of a rifle at that wicked hour of the night in Garissa,your memories will always be planted fresh in our were legends of your time..



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