large_quill_penThe enemies of the people are…those who keep us in ignorance. Under the cover of spiritual guidance and tradition, they exploit the people instead of serving their real  spiritual needs and their real social interests. They must be fought against, and we will fight them.

We continue with Message to the People, so that we may relearn things that we may have forgotten, and teach those who may have never learned. These lessons are basic common sense lessons, which some are lacking. We must teach each other so that what we went through as a people is never repeated. We need constant lesson plans that will help us to be a better people and also to teach us how we treat each other. How we treat each other is the most important lesson plan that we need at this time. Not only here in America, but in the rest of the world. African people must stop killing, robbing, stealing, raping, backstabbing, maiming, murdering, and selling drugs to each other. We need not remain silent and afraid to speak out about what we do to each other, and quick to criticize those who don’t look like us when they do the same things.


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