Let’s begin to heal.

How are we going to change, when we’re so destructive to each other and don’t trust each other. At times I wonder if its possible that a people can change. It’s been said that “We ain’t never gonna change, we’re like crabs in a barrel”

Recent history shows that it takes
something very dramatic, that will make us change. If Hundreds of  years of being enslaved hasn’t changed us, I don’t know what will. Today in most of our communities we worry more about the black shooting us than the white man.
We have become a self destructive
people and it seems that we rather build Mega Churches than build each other up.

We can’t continue to blame the white man for things that, we are capable of changing ourselves. We have to start, doing for self and learning how did we get,  to where we are now, and what can we do to create change. You know what each one of us have to change and if others see a change in how we treat each other and respect each other then others will follow.
   The chains of slavery are still on our minds and these shackles are doing us more harm then the physical shackles we once had. Also everyone who talks about change ain’t about change, so beware.

Let’s  begin to heal and take our destiny into our own hands. The African community must psychosocially be “born again.” It must rehabilitate its incarcerated population and itself by getting to know its true ancient, pre-enslavement, enslavement,
and contemporary history; by getting to know the true history and psychology of its oppressors and of other peoples; by getting to know how it was and is
created and manipulated in service of Eurocentric and European interests and, conversely, against its own. It must recognize that it is possessed by an antagonistic Eurocentric ally introjected spirit, a spirit with which it self destructively identifies and over which it has little or no control, and which directs its collective personality in
opposition to its true purpose and
character. It must recognize that every
thing originates out of a psycho political
milieu, possesses psycho political
purposes, has psycho political
implications, emanations, effects and ramifications.


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