Sometimes you sit and gaze at a distance looking at nothing in particular but keenly watching ,you sit in silence .you watch in thoughty as the wind blows by, leaves floating in the air dancing to the unsung tunes  ,it’s a feeling you can’t avoid to miss ,a feeling that keeps your heart at peace .but the feeling is short-lived by another itchy feeling from your foot, and then your mind races back, you don’t want to think about it ,but you can’t eschew the past ,it so much matters ,it defines you ,it’s part of you .

Its circa late 2013 you will still be unaccustomed with the city. This city will move so fast unlike where you come from, where only horses and people run and when the day is done people take it easy. So you will conclude your classes and head straight to your hostel, those small cubical rooms that can only fit the two of you, no excess. The sun will be winding up is business fading away and disappearing behind those tall city sky crappers. You will remove your shoes and sit on your bed, you will get an itchy feeling on your toes, a little scrattle and the irritation will disappear, days will turn into weeks and the irritation will appear and disappear and appear, as it wishes.

You will try out detol medicated soap hopping it does as the advertisement says but it will lose it grip and the irritation will continue. one afternoon you will decide to check on those modern herbalist and Karen hospital will open doors for you, at first you will feel a bit of chill since you will seldom have visited hospital, thanks to the good God,

After few consultation with the doc he will tell you that it’s just a fungal infection and prescribe you few medics here and there, what you will not know is that a year from then you will walk thru that glass sliding door twice, you will stand at that same position twice you will sit in that same chair twice and make the same conversation, only that this time he will feel little bit concerned and defeated and he will refer you to another guru specialist in their main hospital. you will make a trip there .the guru might have seen this country still a toddler but covered in the gray hair is knowledge that has stood the test of time .after few consultation you will walk away feeling rejuvenated with your dosage hanging loosely in your hands .

A year later again the smell of anesthesia will have choked your nose trice maybe four, you will have heal and it will have recurred again and again .it’s going to hurt, you are going to feel it, at some point each stride you make will have its own measure of pain, you will give medication a break .some solutions require just sitting down and thinking over,

You will hear of a doctor in Kisumu, this city that basks with pride beside the lake. They will shower him with praises of how he treats like no mans business, how he can just look at you and prescribe medication, you will decide to give it a shot, you…….


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