3am Tales, Chat 2016 

​:Hey M

:Something I have always wanted to tell you

:It’s been on my mind since,,

:Since last year

:I have been crushing on you

:I think you are a really amazing person

:I have been too shy to tell you coz I didn’t want to ruin things between us

:From that moment i saw you

:I knew you were special, different from other girls

:When you walked down that door way

:I was wowed

:You looked beautiful as always

:When I asked for your number

:The way you smiled made you go nuts

:That’s why I love to see you smile

:It makes me happy

:I have always had this feeling for you since that day

:Most of the time I call you to hear your voice

:The sound of your voice lifts my spirit and makes me feel happy

:Sometimes at night, I stare at your pic and smile before I sleep

:The blogs i write, some of which you have seen

:They are my true feeling

:I always wanted you to be mine

:I still do

:Coz the way I feel for you

:I have never felt that way for another person

:There is just something about you out of this earth I can’t explain

:Whenever I look into your eyes

:I just know you are really a special person to me

:And I will do anything to make you smile

:All do anything to make you happy

:Coz you are perfection and you deserve to be treated so

                                                                           M :  {Silence}

                                                                               M  :Lol 

                                                                               M : It’s weird, yeap weird


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