This is To You

​This is to you,. Take heart. Hustle like crazy and believe 2017 has better tidings for you. I don’t know this for sure but I also believe hearts heal. Take the pain, betrayal, anguish, frustration and helplessness and transform them into a source of inspiration. Focus. Love yourself and hit the road, brother. Let the that image of her in that black dress be a reminder of what it feels like to be left because you don’t have it figured out. Then grind. Do all it takes to uphold your integrity and manly dignity by all means. It might be rough and you might still be thinking about her 6 months later, but don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate again. And keep praying that your heart won’t turn into a stone that can never love fully. Pray that one day you’ll be able to love fiercely, selflessly and vulnerably. But for now, you need some money. Someday I hope to hear a story on how you recovered and rose again


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