Having lived in this space for some time,I am well aware of its shortcomings, as well as its charms. I try and embraced the way history has  intertwined with this space,I have seen this walls shrink and fade with the smell of dust emitted from every Conner, sometimes its a challenge moving around its even more overwhelming when you try to renovate ,which involve  choosing the right color for the walls, tile color and texture. Every tile seemed to fall short—wrong tint, incorrect size, too dominating,This sometimes comes to a death end as I try to strike a balance between leaving this space open and the desire to keep the best visual.

  That’s why,ones in a while,when you pass by  here and find things different, words spilled, broken language ,unfixed sentences and paragraphs hanging loosely from the walls,when you find so,just drowse and slack off  because that’s who we are ,We never stop renovating because we never stop thinking .Always striving to learn and relearn what  we may have forgotten.

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” Martin Luther

Listening to….



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