Left Behind

Dysania noun .a state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning

FB_IMG_1491559060206.jpg This writing does not claim to be an account of the facts and events but of personal experience .Experience in which millions of people have gone through time and time again .It is the inside tale of a love story.The tale may not concern the great lover bird already described in books and love magazines ,although it will, like them try to answer the question .”How was everyday life without her reflected in the mind of an average person”

Most of the events that will be described here did not take place in large and famous cities .alto not small but cities encumbered by traffic jams and pollution, a city that never sleeps but it’s residence always yearning for sleep what a paradox, but even at this state it leans forward bows and ushers in those eager and hungrily desire for greatness, ..

To tell this story I will spring from the beginning but not the start since this story hails from a past full of gray hair ,the time is circa 2016 but late 2015 it is on a Saturday temperatures 0 more of 26 degrees wind blowing steadily to the North North east but constantly changing direction to the west. March is at it peak but the heart is at its nadir

The chilly morning will find you glued to the walls of those busy streets, with your pack bag hanging loosely from your right shoulder, you will be heading for upcountry


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